Sugarless Jaggery Amla Candy

Sugarless Amla candy is much more beneficial that Sugar Amla Candies. Making these candies requires almost the same process as Sugar Amla Candies.

Jaggery is used for the sweetness which also the best food for digestion and keeping the stomach energetic to digest all the meals. The taste is very good.

Amla is also known as Indian Gooseberry and is available in all parts of India during the season. Many people make different recipes from it and store it to have it until the next season. Candies, Amla Pickle, Amla Supari, Amla Juice are the most followed recipes.

  • Amla is rich in Vitamin C.
  • It is also considered as the best medicine for digestion.
  • It improves overall health, Hair and Eyes.
  • Helps in increasing immunity of the body.

My kids loved Jaggery based more than Sugar-based as it tastes very good. I am more than happy now and would like to share with everyone so I have made the recipe video explaining each step so that you can make it home easily.


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