Matar Pulav

Matar Pulav

In the wintertime, when it’s all chilly outside, Matar Pulav becomes a go-to treat, especially because it’s the season for fresh green peas, or “matar.” This simple and cozy Indian dish captures the vibe of winter perfectly.

Imagine your kitchen filling up with the warm smell of spices like cumin and the sizzle of green peas hitting the pot. Those little green peas are like the stars of the show, giving the dish a sweet and comfy feeling that fits right into the winter season.

Matar Pulav is basically a mix of fragrant rice and these cute green peas, and it’s like a big, delicious hug on a cold day. It’s not just about the taste; it brings the wintery vibes to your plate, making it a favorite during this cozy season.


Basmati Rice
Green Pease
Cinnamon Stick
Bay Leaf
Cumin Seeds
Green Chilli
Curry Leaves

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