Til Gud Roti

Til Gud Roti

Til Gud Roti is a special sweet we make during a festival called Makar Sankranti. To make it, we add sesame seeds (til) and jaggery (gud) to the dough. The sesame seeds give a nutty taste and a nice crunch, while the jaggery makes it a bit sweet. It’s not just yummy; it’s also a symbol of good things coming our way.

During Makar Sankranti, families come together to make and share Til Gud Roti. It’s like a sweet wish for good luck and happiness in the new year. Making this roti is a team effort, and it brings everyone closer. So, Til Gud Roti isn’t just about tasty food; it’s about celebrating and being together, adding a sweet touch to special moments.

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250 grams – TIlli (Sesame Seeds)
350 grams – Gudh (Jaggery)
2 Cup – Wheat Flour
1 tsp – Salt
2tbsp – Oil

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