Gond ke Laddu

Gond ke Laddu 2kg with Almonds

Gond ke Laddu, a traditional Indian sweet made with edible gum (gond), boasts numerous advantages that contribute to its popularity as a nutritious and wholesome treat. Firstly, Gond ke Laddu is known for its energy-boosting properties. Edible gum is a rich source of proteins and provides sustained energy, making these laddus an excellent choice for individuals seeking a quick and nutritious snack, especially during periods of increased physical activity or during the winter season.

Secondly, Gond ke Laddu is often praised for its potential health benefits. Edible gum is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in joint health and relieving discomfort. Additionally, the combination of ingredients such as wheat flour, ghee, and jaggery in these laddus provides essential nutrients like iron, calcium, and fiber. The inclusion of nuts and seeds often found in Gond ke Laddu recipes further enhances their nutritional profile, making them a wholesome option for those looking to incorporate nutrient-dense ingredients into their diet.

Moreover, Gond ke Laddu is a popular choice for new mothers during the postpartum period in Indian culture. It is believed to aid in the recovery and strength-building of the mother, providing essential nutrients that support overall well-being. The ease of preparation and the combination of nutritious ingredients make Gond ke Laddu not only a delectable treat but also a functional and health-promoting addition to one’s diet.


Gond (Edible Gum)
Wheat flour
Dry Coconut
Chuaara (Dry Khajoor)
Cardamom Powder

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