Sattu Powder | Sattu Drink | Summer Special Sattu Sharbat

Sattu drink, a traditional Indian beverage, is renowned for its refreshing taste and nutritional benefits. Made from roasted gram flour, known as sattu, this drink is a staple in many parts of India, particularly in Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh. Sattu drink is valued for its simplicity and its ability to provide a quick boost of energy, making it a popular choice during the hot summer months.

Sattu Powder and Sattu Drink
Sattu Powder and Sattu Drink
Sattu Powder and Sattu Drink

Sattu powder and Sattu Drink

Refresh yourself with the wholesome goodness of a Sattu Drink, a traditional beverage made from roasted gram flour mixed with water and jaggery. Known for its cooling properties and nutritional benefits, this drink provides an instant boost of energy and is rich in protein, fiber, and essential minerals. Whether enjoyed as a savory or sweet treat, the Sattu Drink is a perfect way to stay hydrated and nourished, especially during the hot summer months. Easy to prepare and deliciously satisfying, this drink is a beloved choice for a healthy and refreshing pick-me-up.
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Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Indian
Servings 20 spoons
Calories 27 kcal


  • Glass
  • Spoon
  • Bowl
  • Measuring Cups
  • Iron Wok
  • Mixer Grinder


  • 1 cup Chana Dal
  • 100 gms Roasted Chana Dal
  • 2 tbsp Grated Jaggery


How to roast Chana Dal and making Sattu Powder

  • Take a bowl and wash 1 cup Chana Dal in it. Now soak Chana Dal in water for 30 minutes.
  • Now drain the water and transfer soaked chana dal to Iron wok for roasting. Roast on low flame for 20-25 minutes.
  • Turn off the flame and transfer roasted chana dal to a plate for cooling down. It took 30 minutes.
  • Now transfer to a mixer grinder jar and grind it to a fine powder. Sattu powder is ready.

Making Sattu Powder using markets Roasted Chana Dal

  • Take 100 gms Roasted Chana Dal and rub it with hands gently for removing the cover of roasted chana dal.
  • Now grind it to fine powder using Mixer Grinder. Sattu powder is ready.

Making Sattu Drink / Sattu Sharbat

  • Take a glass, add 2 tbsp Grated Jaggery and fill it with water. Stir and let jaggery completely dissolve in water.
  • Now add 2 tbsp (or as per the consistency add more if you want to) of Sattu Powder in it and mix it thoroughly. Sattu Drink is ready.



Few people like paste like consistency, so jaggery also should be adjusted depending on the sweetness required. 
The time taken by market's roasted chana dal is just 5 minutes.
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